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Consult doc sangat bagus dan baik.doc memberi penerangan yang sangat jelas dan mudah faham.kerja kerja yang dilakukan sangat teliti dan lembut(tidak jadi rasa takut).result treatment yg sangat bagus.


The doctor and staff are very accomodating. No hard selling. Had acne and whitening treatment coz I had lots of breakouts due to work stress and unhealthy eating. Got a couple of injections, IV drip and warm stone treatmeng. Able see immediate results. Ended my session feeling relaxed and detoxed.


They are all very hospitable, very professional, and know what are the things that is great for you. They will help you until you satisfy. And they exceed my expectations. I really love it. ❤


Super terbaik dari staff smpai doc semuanya peramah dan sgt baik sblm tripment bermula doc akan check kondisi pt mcm mna dulu then bru buat tripment.sya buat whitening treatment ,after result nampak muka dan badan jadi putih,growing,dan buat chin adjustment treatment pun cepat nampak kesan,muka lagi handsome, yg pting sya happy.recommend datang utk rawatan.


The treatment exceeded my expectations. After having HIFU face and neck treatment, I am totally happy with the results. My face area looks amazing, and my jawline is much more predominant than before […]


这里的环境很干净也非常舒适工作人员也很友善在于有不明白的事情工作人员都会 详细讲解


피부 트러블이 몸 면역 때문인지 모르고 다른 클리닉들의 권유로 레이져만 알아보고 있었는데 다솜클리닉 오니까 피부와 몸 상태 바로 파악 하시고 그에 맞는 치료 해주셔서 몸도 고치고 피부도 자연스럽게 엄청 좋아졌어요. 의사선생님들 진료 엄청 잘하시고 딱 몸에 필요한 치료 해주시니 시간.돈 둘다 아끼고 가네요ㅎㅎ 앞으로도 믿고 갈 것 같아요 다솜 잘 됐음 좋겠네요!


100% recommend to come, happy to come here,good services,doctor very good and professional.i done for immune drip ,face PRT treatment and nose trt, i can see immediat result, nose sharp, higher, tip nice. Face immediat can see face growing. Will continiue come back for treatment, thank you so muchhhhhh😍


Clinic environment is awesome. Doctor explained in detail before procedure, and even after procedure for my post-care advice. really loved the environment and clinic staff served me .done immune booster and detox drip at this clinic , The result is super amazing,immediately can see results, skin more whitening, growing, can feel my body is more …

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不错体验对待客户所需要的要求都能做到,服务也不错环境也很干净也舒适工作人员    也很亲切友善

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